Paige E on 01 June 2021
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Q. What haven't you told us yet, which feels important to you?
Started back to work last week after five full months off. I don’t know how those five months went by so quick. I do know it’s been a struggle getting back into routine. By last Thursday I hated the sound of the alarm. I can’t sleep at night because I’m convinced I’m going to sleep in and I can think of nothing else. Typically the sun came out the day we went back and hasn’t stopped shining since. I’ve put on so much weight during lockdown I’m struggling to move my big butt round as quickly as I would need to or like to. On the plus side I got paid last week. A proper wage for the first time in five months and I felt like I was rich. It was 10 times more than I’ve been getting a week but I didn’t even splurge. Gave my daughter and grand kids money and saved the rest. Maybe the lockdown is going to have taught me to save.
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