Erik J on 17 June 2021
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Q. Where do you live and how do you feel about it?
I have very mixed views about the area I live, Chessington, is just on the outskirts of London. Despite being a short distance from industrial units and small factories it is reasonably quiet as far as noise is concerned. However since the lockdown has been eased I have been more aware of the amount of people walking locally which is affecting me venturing out too far in order to keep myself and my daughter as safe as possible. We live in a small terraced house with a garden which is again small and on 2 levels so not really ideal for games etc. But it's great to have some outdoor space. There are local parks and green spaces that can be reached easily but again during lockdown these were becoming very busy so we have not made much use of them. My daughter is able to walk to school and there are some local shops, meaning we don't need to use public transport. As far as Covid cases are concerned during the lockdown cases were about average, but with the emergence of the delta variant the cases are increasing fast, more so in local schools, which I am very concerned about. Despite having received both doses of vaccine I think I will be spending another summer at home avoiding the outside world as much as possible.
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