Victoria B on 15 July 2020

They try to eat what I give them. Goes to show how maslow's hierarchy of need, so heavily drilled into me in my teaching and childcare days, is incorrect.

I then saw a post on the labour party page, talking about people not feeling safe to get back in shops cos there's no track n trace. I commented saying I don't trust the government cos it is safe for the underprivileged. I was just about to turn notifications off for the post, cos on political posts you tend to find lots of trolls, but before I did it got five likes. I'm surprised by how many agreed with me, helped me feel less isolated. Easy to feel cut off, behind the safety of our homes. I certainly don't feel safe even using corner shop at the minute, I don't trust the governments narratives or propaganda. Feels more risky now since lockdown eased than it did during the thick of lockdown. Weird to think I've not stepped off more than 50ft from my house in over two months.

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