Pearl N on 01 October 2020

I gave birth in April, you could say it was the middle of the pandemic and for someone having their first baby, it was scary enough to think you’re about to give up looking after just yourself to be responsible for this whole after person.

I was isolated, I think most people that are isolated crack because it’s one of the leading causes of depression and other conditions, I was used to being independent and thankfully it didn’t affect my mental health. I don’t have family really a part from my sister who lives far away and my parents which are substance misusers, I don’t speak to them.

During the birth I could only have my baby’s father during the delivery but little did I know that I really needed him after but covid-19 stopped this. In the hospital I was discriminated against because I’m young, stereotyped and patronised, in the end I put a complaint it because my treatment wasn’t just bad mentally but being physically in pain, the people didn’t help much and all I wanted was my baby’s father there.

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