Meg T on 02 May 2021
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Q. What big changes have you gone through in the past year?
The changes because of the Pandemic have been monumental. I am a disabled lone parent who home educates my youngest son. Being able to get out and about to do the home educational activities that my son is interested in all went - because of lockdowns they were all put on hold. One of the educational suppliers we had signed up to sadly went out of business because of lockdown restrictions. Other groups closed temporarily and it's only now that we are getting back to any sense of normality and we are still a long way off. In addition, lockdown saw a change in my family insofar that my middle son moved out under a cloud quite challenging circumstances. It has left me heartbroken, because I have fought so long to keep me and my boys safe and happy together and have always strived for our relationships to be on good terms. I am a walking quadriplegic as I have a spinal cord condition called Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) and I started to deteriorate, becoming paralysed from the neck down again. Thankfully I was seen by my neurologist before lockdown, but although classed as urgent had to wait to see my neurosurgeon. I had surgery at the end of November, but because of Covid19, my op was cancelled twice, which was hard to deal with - the mental preparation only to be disappointed took its toll not only on me but my 16 year old son. His mental health has severely deteriorated too, necessitating psychiatric intervention which is still ongoing. So all in all, it's been a long year. We were coping, but with no end in sight it has had a massive impact on mood and motivation.
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