Pippa K on 11 December 2021
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Q. Boris' xmas party, omicron and possible Christmas restrictions. What do you think of this week's news?
Alright, well, what I think about the new restrictions is basically not a lot has changed. It seems to be the restrictions are for those who are not vaccinated. I don't see a problem of the nurse passport or using our little cards saying we've been vaccinated to get into places because they are there to protect the vulnerable. And me being one of the vulnerable people it's just a bit of reassurance in that we've had two years of panic, of not knowing. What has been true news? What has been exaggerated news? And also because everyone gets hyped up about things and gets scared very easily. So basically not a lot of really changed and I think the media, the news and is so contradictory theories out there and mindsets that it's just a mass of confusion. We've had to two years of a situation, not that much has changed to people who's life has been turned upside down. I think maybe if you're doing big groups or big family, maybe just get a test to see. If you're vaccinated. then I don't see what the problem is. So, yeah, I think it's all up to the individual and doing what you feel is best for the general public and protecting other people and not just ourselves. So it's a bit of thought on maybe what other people situations could be like, how they feel, and how it affects them.
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