Nellie K on 13 July 2021
Q. What are your experiences of 'getting organised,' and your thoughts or plans about 'getting out'?

He was made redundant from his previous job in university admin and it was a job that impacted his mental health baldly. He has been out of the workforce for 2.5 years, he won’t be able to walk into a well paid job. He’s 52, it’s unlikely whatever job he may be forced into will lift us out of poverty and off benefits.

I’m in a similar position. My previous job caused many mental health problems, and I’ve not been employed for 6 years. I had reached the top of my career path (a failed government initiative that was then scrapped) and still had to give up my job because 100% of my wage would have gone on childcare. Even if I could walk back into a similarly paid position (which is unlikely) it would not be enough to lift us out of poverty, and there would be no progression to hope for.

I’m trying to set up my own business but it’s a punt, I don’t know if I can make it successful enough to lift us out of poverty.

The route that would really help us, and lift us into a much better position would be to return to education.



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