Charlotte P on 22 July 2021
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Q. Do you get free school meals and what difference do they make?
Yes I get free school meals for my 7 and 12 year old and in these long summer months I have to say I miss them terribly. It was one extra thing during term I didn’t have to worry about. In Northern Ireland our summer months are long. A full 8 weeks. Living on the threshold is hard and I don’t get to treat the kids a lot. Food costs more money as there’s extra meals to prepare. I’ve a child with food oddities and in school it’s managed well but in the house with another child who isn’t fussy it’s very difficult. I wish I had these security of free school meals to take away the financial cost and stress. To be honest these extra expenses are coming at a time when I am also due to buy the kids uniforms and to be honest it’s just money money money all the time.
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