David P on 27 July 2021
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Q. Do you get free school meals and what difference do they make?
Right the thing about school dinners, I think that would be really hard, especially at the moment with Covid and everything, even though we're now out of lockdown things don't feel like they changed. And I think it's really nice that we've got people, you know, footballers that are backing our children and the government are backing down and giving us voucher provision, which is a great help to our families. I think about without it, It'd be really hard. I just feel really bad families that are over the threshold. Which I think is wrong because some of them were just over the threshold, which I think is really unfair and they're struggling just as much as we are. So, my reality of that is, I think more people should be getting this help, so that they can get on their feet again and just help to get them the food they need for their children.
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