Lois N on 10 February 2021
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Q. Do your children normally receive means-tested Free School Meals?
Q. Have you received any support with food for your children since schools have been closed? And if you have, what was the support like?
One of the questions on the notice board and big question of the week was I think food parcels or food vouchers. I consider myself extremely lucky although I fought for a long time to get my son into a specialist provision because he has additional needs but it's taken a very long time in a big fight to get there. But whilst we are there I will say that they are completely nestling us in just a cocoon of being looked after really. We have got vouchers that's been really easy. Not from the council, but from our school when the council dip out and don't pay it. We get those from our school, which is amazing, you know, and also when we've reached a crisis point, home-schooling they've come back to us with solutions. They've made a provision for my son to go in on a Friday and he's cooking while he's there which is just amazing because at the moment his love affair with food is over, you know, he's really struggling and I'm struggling to feed him. So those vouchers, you know, 30 pounds a fortnight goes a heck of a long way when you're trying to feed a child with sensory processing disorder who doesn't like textures and who doesn't like certain foods. It becomes a graveyard. So couldn't do without them, really couldn't.
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