Angie K on 28 November 2021
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Q. With these new changes to Universal Credit coming in, what do you think about this focus on helping working families?
As always in this British Nation, what is a benefit if it does not benefit all? I am on the non-working family on the social security side, so all I can calculate and compare it to in experience is when I got a 8-13 pence pay-rise when I used to work in retail. It might not feel a lot in the short term, but in the long term, those pennies do make a great big deal. We can only work out the message in this move in a ‘Tory-world Barbie and Ken Doll’ sense: the poor ‘lazy’ ones get punished for not being able to work, whilst those ‘still poor’ who lose out on both working AND having to have their low wage living standard capped, should somehow feel better rewarded by their wages not being taxed by some more 10%…? Did the bacon in this country go down in price - no! What about the price of bread and eggs - again no! Another Energy ‘saving style’ company gone bankrupt? Every single week - so no savings for anyone then! So Boris, Boujie, Barry or whatever your Ken doll name would be called, when you read that well equipped foodbanks have tripled the amount of 1000’s households they have had to support in the South East of London, post pandemic; you will have a lot of explaining to do on why, this year many kids will not see, even a single box of raisins under their Christmas tree…
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