Meg T on 08 November 2020
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Q. How have you been managing in self-isolation?
Hi, I have had to self isolate over the past couple of weeks because I was due to have spinal cord surgery last Monday. So the idea was that I isolated for two weeks beforehand with my youngest son, who is the only son that lives with me now since his elder brother moved out a couple of weeks ago. So we had to isolate for two weeks in prep for the surgery. It all came to nothing because the surgery was cancelled but to be quite honest we've been painting and decorating and trying to get the house a bit more in order before Christmas. So we've had actually quite a lot of fun doing that. It's been difficult in terms of not being able to go out for shopping and stuff. But I did actually manage to get a shopping slot this time, which was refreshing. Although now that we're coming into lockdown again, the shopping slots have started to go and obviously Christmas is going to be factored in here as well.
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