Georgie O on 27 January 2021
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Q. What does this new lockdown mean for you?
Hi, what the lockdown means to me. I.e. lockdown number three, is back to square one again. From a kind of Community Arts business, foodbank sort of way. With this covid strain being a little bit more easily transmitted I was expecting children would have to go into a deeper form of lockdown so to speak. We temporarily locked down our food bank because me and who I work with are vulnerable. And it's been tough my daughters gone to school and the school is classed as vulnerable. Which is a great help actually. My three year old, currently on the floor, is bored because we can't go out anywhere and it's cold. Oh wait, it's sunny today. So that's something. Yeah this time there's no end in sight as far as we are aware. They are umming and ahhing about February - May. So its plodding along and seeing what happens.
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