Erik J on 03 December 2021

Listening to the news I felt sorrow for the people across parts of the country that have been affected by the recent storms, having been cut off from electricity / phone coverage and struggling to keep warm then I thought about myself again, living on a low income, the winter is setting in fast, yes we are connected to the grid but I am sitting here in the dark, only switching on lights if really needed, the heating is off as usual while I wrap myself in blankets, I am connected to the internet but this is slow as we only have a basic service and there is no credit left on my phone to make contact with the outside world. On the days my daughter is away from home at mealtimes I will only eat a sandwich to save on the cost of cooking only for 1. Sadly I have no other options other than to live in this way, but it must not meant that my daughter has to live in the same way as she progresses through life. There are big changes that need to be made to ensure all of our children has the best opportunities possible as they are growing up.

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