Victoria B on 07 April 2021
Q. What are your experiences of claiming UC? Especially the role of computers in making decisions about your benefits?

Single parent households are doubly shamed for daring to be on benefits and for having kids while on benefits. The system doesn't support us, just barely stops us from starving. Just the system has to make one of two choices, 1) be more nuanced and flexible to different households personal circumstances and situations, meaning some houses need extra support and less pressures (such as sanctions and meetings) than others. Which would be hard to do on the current system as it's not designed for nuance. Or, option 2) universal credit should become a type of universal basic income that treats everyone as equally worthy to a stable basic income that isn't based on circumstance. Better to give everyone more and have a couple take advantage, then give everyone else and that same couple still take advantage either way. It would be very easy for universal credit to be made into a universal basic income, people could opt in or out as their desire by signing on or off. No more sanctions or stigma if shaming. Not focus on community and training projects instead of fraud or work coach meetings that do nothing to benefit anyone but cause more work and stress for everyone.

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