Victoria B on 13 July 2020

Been reading the news this morning, going on about levels of unemployment and getting people back into work, etc. Nowhere does it mention how many jobs are actually available. I did a quick Google search and saw that this time last year there was less than a million advertised vacancies, roughly. Safe to assume that there are even less now. So if my maths is correct, as it may well nob be as I didn't do well in maths at school lol, that's roughly 4/5 people for every job. Not including those else arching for work who aren't on unemployment benefits, such as immigrants (who I welcome as a vital part of our economy) or students, or those in part or self employment. Basically, there are more umployed than available jobs, and those available jobs are lessening as more businesses are closed or bankrupted during the covid crisis. So why does our government and media's outlets keep pushing the implication that people are unemployed because they aren't looking hard enough? Why is the blame placed on the outnumbered? We need our government to get ahead of this problem, to stop push prejudice and start provided support and preventative measures, not to keep trying to pass the bucket.

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