Pearl N on 31 May 2021

Hi, I have not written in my diary in a while, the main reason for this was because I felt my situation was affected generally not just because of Covid specifically apart from the social aspects of wanting to join groups which of course were not running but now are. After a discussion in the last Covid Realities meeting, the Universal Credit system has really affected me and impacted on my mental health as I am worried there is not enough time because they pressure people into getting jobs no matter if they are trying to do something to contribute to helping this such as qualification's and training etc, It isn't allowing people who are struggling to better themselves, many people do not put themselves in the benefit system but feel rather that they have no choice but to turn to this and it was other peoples actions that impacted me which made college difficult and my mental health and I cared about my mental state more at the time. Where is the compassion for a better future? I am nineteen and I would like to not end up working in a nine to five Sainsburys job, even though there is nothing wrong with this, there needs to be opportunities for improvement especially the benefits systems. We do not go on benefits because we want to but because we feel there is no other choices...

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