Syeda F on 10 July 2021

The biggest worry now is money - the ending of the £20pw UC Covid uplift. I knew this was coming so I have tried to prepare - I have reduced some of my expenditure where I could (switched to cheaper gas/electricity contract, cheaper phone contract). This has saved me £30 per month. On top of this as an NHS worker I will get a 1% pay rise. And my UC annual "rise" went up £4pcm, my CB went up by around the same. So I have almost halved the effect of the loss of the £86pcm coming to my UC. I know I am lucky because at least I am in work and can try to juggle these things to cope with it better than someone who lost their job last year and is now going to see a massive cut to their income again!

The government just doesn't seem to realise that their "austerity" measures in the last few years massively reduced the value of UC when it was introduced.

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