Nellie K on 01 June 2021
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Q. What haven't you told us yet, which feels important to you?
As things are opening up again I’m noticing a common theme. Prices have gone up. I understand that businesses need to make losses back from prolonged closures, and limits on people mean that profits are smaller but, it’s pricing people on a low income out. Just two examples - our local community hall ran monthly activities on a Saturday morning. They used to be £2 a child. That have funding to provide these activities, however now they have returned after lockdown it’s £5 a child. Swimming sessions used to be pretty cheap for us because we have cards from the government that gave us cut-price sessions - one adult and one child would come to about £3. Now, post lockdown, a family bubble swim is £8-£10. So whilst other families may be rushing out to take advantage of lockdown relaxing, those of us on a low income are even less likely to be able to afford these opportunities for our children. My biggest worry is that once restrictions are gone the prices will remain the same because people were prepared to pay them.
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