Georgie O on 26 March 2021
Q. Have you had any problems in getting tested or self-isolating?

I've been lucky I've not had to self isolate. I've had one test because my ex got a positive which came back negative myself and my daughter who's a little bit poorly. And either we had it and the tests were false or, I don't know, asymptomatic possibly. But I am supposed to have been shielding through [audio unclear]. So are many people around me who are kind of in my bubble. So if I wasn't going to isolation, I don't know if I could have done it. I could have done it with two kids on my own? I couldn't have got anyone to come and live with me to help. I've got a daughter whose on a pathway who needs to get out. She cannot be trapped in the flat, we've got no garden, we're on a first floor flat. The noise has to be kept to a minimum. It would have been awful. I had nobody who really could have bought me anything as such, as they would have been in isolation themselves. So if I would have got covid and I would have reacted badly to it, which it was expected that I would, I don't know what I would have done. I wouldn't have had any help. I couldn't have any support. It wouldn't be the first time I suppose I run around the house hallucinating because I have a high temperature looking after my children. I understand covid could obviously be a lot worse than that possibly.

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