Erik J on 19 June 2021

More tough decisions to make!. At the start of the pandemic I signed up to broadband so my daughter could complete her school work and interact with her friends, with a Talk-Talk package advertised as having no price increase during the 18 month contract. I have now received an email saying there will be a £2.50 increase per month from July and in April it will increase again by the rate of CPI + 3.7%. The money I receive has not increased in several years so I am facing a real struggle to find the extra money, this will mean even less food in the cupboard and a really tough time during the winter as I have now got to a point I will not be able to afford the cost of heating our home even for a short period of time each day. Change needs to happen now. There are a lot of people on low incomes through no fault of there own who are cold and hungry with nowhere to go for help.

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