Lizzie W on 02 April 2021
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Q. How has your children’s mental health been impacted by the pandemic?
My daughter 7 really struggled with home schooling towards the end which prompted the school to allow her to return 2 weeks earlier. She's never had that much screen time and having to be stuck constantly facing a laptop with lessons from YouTube, power point presentations and apps really dragged her down. There was little interaction with actual people, they zoomed their class once a week but spent most of it on mute. She started to struggle sleeping, waking at 4/5am, She didn't want to communicate with anyone, she was really struggling with her mood and was crying all the time about missing people. After conversations with the school she returned and the difference in 2 days of being back around people was amazing!!! Happy, sleeping, smiling, full of discussions about her day and completely full of life again.
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