Lexie G on 25 November 2020

So before covid my husband was employed, we were still low income and with 4 growing boys money doesn’t stretch far but we were managing then halfway through covid my husband was made redundant. We asked for help with regards to what to do next and a lovely local charity helped apply for benefits sadly some of the information the lady gave us was inaccurate she thought there would be a run on of child tax credit for 2 weeks which would help us while we waited the 6 weeks for UC to decide if we qualified for it, there is no run on so for the last few weeks we have lived on £68 child benefit a week. Due to this we are now in lots of debt, rent, council tax, even HMRC have sent a letter saying we have been overpaid so we owe them money. We were told that we could apply for a UC loan but that would just be another debt. It’s been horrific from one day to the next worrying if we will make it!! Through all this 3 of our sons had birthdays, they knew this year would be different because of covid but with the redundancy and not a spare penny it was so different and sad seeing their faces when they got a little something each instead of what they asked for, they didn’t even ask for much, what they wanted was only around £15 each and we couldn’t do it, my heart hurt for them. My occupational therapist has been to visit this week and has arranged for some help with food for us as myself and husband have lived on a couple of slices of toast each day so that the boys have enough food they are the priority and need the food more than we do. I don’t know where this is going I’m just tired and done right now

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