Erik J on 19 February 2021
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Q. Are you having any deductions taken from UC, ESA, Income Support or JSA?
Q. Why do you think it's important to have lived-experience at the heard of policy-making?
Hi, fortunately I do not have deductions taken from my benefits. I feel it is really important for people living on benefits or struggling financially to have their experiences put to the policy makers as there are a lot of problems that people face that are not caused by any fault of their own, it can also be very difficult for people to find the right help and information about help they may be entitled to. I am a single parent father. I myself am claiming ESA due to ill health. While we were living as a family with my ex partner she was working full time but we were also entitled to family tax credits so were able to manage our finances, after my partner left I was informed that we were unable to continue claiming this which has left me with my ESA and child benefit of around £21 per week to live on as we do not receive any financial help from my ex partner. I have found it extremely difficult to find out about what help is available, if information from individuals can be put to the policy makers I would hope that there could be better understanding of the hardships people are facing in order for more easily available help and advice for those struggling often without family or friends to be able to ask for help from often through fear and embarrassment of how they will be treated or seen.
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