Victoria B on 24 July 2020

Last two statements I was deducted about £100 for repayment of the advance. The remaining money, after rent and bills, lasted two weeks. I think this month they'll start deducting for budgeting loans and the like. So I'll likely loose another £100-200 and I've no idea if or how much or when. I don't know if I'll be punished for not finding work or for not searching hard enough. I've no idea how to use the online system and am just told in bold letter, every time I login to the site 'wait for a call, we will call you' etc. How do I know that some buggered overworked person looks at my account and just decided, perhaps due to poor training, that I haven't done enough to earn the money I need to feed my children. Perhaps they have quotas to keep, or perhaps a wrong button gets pressed somewhere.

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