Aurora T on 21 June 2021
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Q. Where do you live and how do you feel about it?
I live in the middle of an industrialised part of London. It is one of the small pockets of housing in the area. As a result, it is quiet. Throughout the pandemic we have remained isolated. Although we've lived in this house for eight years there has not been a sense of real community. I do not know the names of my neighbours on either side. We are fortunate to have lots of space here, the house is too big for just the three of us. We even have a garden. It was once a very well kept one, which all fell by the wayside after my husbands death. Occasionally my youngest child will clip the weeds in its overgrown mass. We are also vulnerable to homelessness because of high housing costs. I've so far managed to stave that off for now, but the situation looms ahead. Who knows what the future holds, where we will end up.
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