Erik J on 28 July 2021
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Q. What has Covid Realities meant to you?
Being part of this research project has helped me understand that there are a lot of families that are struggling with the same problems that I face with my daughter living on a low income. I felt inadequate for not being able to provide healthy food and warm clothing for my daughter. As a single father I felt I had nowhere to turn for help or advice. I now know there is some help available if you know where to go, but it is not easy to find. One of my hopes is that if enough of us speak out and get the attention of those in charge, real changes will finally be made so families are no longer struggling to stay warm in their homes and have enough to eat. In the long term this will also help our children not feel so left out and different from the rest of society and enable them to move forward with their lives and education to make a real difference to their own futures.
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