Fiona T on 24 May 2021

Today has been a long day and I've just noticed that the small advance repayment on my Universal Credit claim which stopped during the pandemic has started again and its made a huge strain on my finances. I don't think the government realise that by withdrawing support so soon after the pandemic leaves many people in difficult circumstances. We will find a way through but it feels very difficult. I will make the week better by taking my children out as much as possible and getting back to doing things we haven't done in a long time. I'm pleased to see cinemas and restaurants re open. I am doubting I will go and get my second vaccine done as I've completely lost faith in the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Constant conflicting news reports have made it difficult to know who to trust. I hope the first dose I've had will be sufficient to cover me for a while and provide protection. I am not anti vaccine but I am most definitely sceptical about which part of mainstream media to trust. There is a constant bombardment of different information coming at all angles. Hopefully things will feel calmer as the weeks go on

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