Meg T on 08 March 2021
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Q. What did you think about the new budget? Thoughts on the £20 uplift extension, or what was missing?
What a crock of shit, quite frankly. No longer term security for those on UC in receipt of the £20 which is necessary for being able to feel secure and plan. Nothing at all for legacy benefit recipients like me. And the inaccurate assertions of the Chancellor in talking about having to pay it all back. That's actually a whole load of hogwash - there isn't a National Debt per se, since the economy was unlinked from the Gold Standard, originally set up in 1821 and abolished back in 1931, finally being dismantled in 1973. Rishi Sunak needs to be much more transparent - but then they wouldn't want that because not allowing folk to know the truth about the UK economy means they can continue to justify austerity. I'm fortunate, I am intrigued by economics, and have studied it a little during my psychology degree. But the vast majority of folk will be too consumed trying to survive austerity and the pandemic to be able to focus on the lies they are being spun. On reflection, I think I am quietly incandescent with rage.
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