Meg T on 08 March 2021
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Q. Are you having any deductions taken from UC, ESA, Income Support or JSA?
Q. Can you tell us about the impact it's had on your family?
Hi there. I am currently having £10 per week deducted from Income Related ESA because back in 2019 I applied for a social fund loan totalling £800 to cover some unexpected expenses. For me £10 per week is what I signed up for so I knew what I was getting in to. I also have a letter of when I will finish paying for it, which should be in July of this year. The thing that I found annoying however, is that when the pandemic first hit, we were given a payment holiday without being asked. I personally would have preferred to continue paying off the loan as planned, but now the time period has extended which disrupts financial planning. I am also in receipt of Carers Allowance for my 16 yo old son. So although I am allowed to keep the £67 per week for CA, I have £30 per week deducted from my ESA due to rules about cross over benefits or something. It would be great if I wasn't subjected to that as particularly as being a person on legacy benefits I haven't benefited from the temporary £20 uplift to UC either.
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