Victoria B on 07 May 2021

The future is feeling very bleak. Tory's held onto power today, again, even after everything they've done this last few years. There is no justice in this country, no compassion for the less fortunate. I wish I could raise my children in a safer more just society. I read a post on Facebook today that read "how is no one talking about this: in 30yrs there will be a while generation of retirement aged persons with no pension or savings. What will we do then?" And my first response wasn't "oh, they'll have to keep working or try to get a state pension somehow" or "they'll move from relying on their parents to relying on their kids" nope, my first response was "I doubt I'll live to retirement age anyway, wouldn't be surprised if "lived on Universal Credit" starts getting added to death certificates in the next 20-30yrs anyway". Very bleak outlook, but reading the comments on the post it appeared I wasn't the only person online today with similar expectations.

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