Angie K on 24 January 2021

Went to good old Asda this week. I can always rely on knowing them having a clothing/home/baby and food section but never if the prices are up to date. It seems true more especially during the times in Covid. Case in point, just last week I got a newsletter from Asda, letting me know my favourite wardrobe staples were on half price offer until the end of January! So I thought, since the UC comes in before then, doesn’t that mean I can still find the offer on the shelf, one week before the 31st of Jan? Wrong! It just so happens on the exact day, on the exact hour, shopping in store; I happen to meet one of the supermarket assistants replacing the tickets of the EXACT Bolognese sauce which I only am wise enough to buy on discount (4 pence price difference to Asda’s own value Bolognese sauce to be exact), as the cooking result in taste-is restaurant quality with no extra spices needed...Back to my point, this Pandemic has made supermarkets have less offers for us savvy shoppers and when they do come around, the time limit is even less than it was before. When it’s gone-it’s gone(most hopefully the same will happen to the virus)!

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