Milly U on 28 July 2021
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Q. What has Covid Realities meant to you?
When the Covid Realities project started and I started taking part in the big ideas group and diary entries, the whole world was experiencing pandemic. We were going through very difficult and challenging times. I am so thankful to the person who recommended the group. I was able to express my fears through diary entries. I had a chance to express myself and also to hear the people with nearly same struggles. It was for the first time I felt heard and things were coming in the light. With zine making we were able to bring the issues in front of authorities that how the common man is still struggling with poverty. I really have high hopes with the project with the amount of awareness being raised through big ideas group. I am amazed how MPs were involved in the project to bring the issues to their knowledge. All the combined group research is incredible. All the Covid Realities team was so wonderful by doing lots of different research and involving us, making us feel worthy. Big thanks to all the team for providing a platform for us to describe our daily lives and struggles.
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