Georgie O on 27 January 2021
Q. What are your reflections from a year like no other?

my Reflections on the year like no other has been basically how the community can actually come together when they need to or want to have people can come and voice their opinions their feelings how people can feel less isolated and alone because there are means out there even if they're little bit tricky to find and how passionate people are to create change and it's something Think I haven't noticed I saved quite a while on this scale. Maybe it's because I'm more involved I'm looking for it or yeah, but I think I think not I think it is the situation brought something in common. Now, whether some people situations are slightly tweaked differently people have never been so cut off before from the world and probably never been so much on. I mean as well, so yeah, that's why I'm taking from this year. There are lots of negatives I could talk about but I'm going to take the good bits as well. I've spent more time with other with my kids in a positive ways. I've taught them a few more life skills that were necessary have learned from school and probably never have this again. Other generations to come will probably never and hopefully will never in the sense have these vast amounts of time on their hands where they're just trying to feel them or get by or spend time together lady who everybody is and who they are. So yeah, I'm going to take that and yeah.

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