Georgie O on 26 March 2021
Q. What would you ask or say to politicians?

Hi, what like to say to a politician if I could it's so many things the make it like politicians to do is to stop and listen. Think about what you'd be like in that situation and not just think the economy money elitism. This is Irving. So to speak what you should and shouldn't have this drop your guard down stop and think have some Humanity has some empathy look to the Future as sort of the now we can all look back and think about the past and we could know try and learn from it but not going to move forwards I think about the children now the children to be where what is k She can do and could do if under the right form. We're supposed to be like the fifth or sixth richest country in the world to whatever that is now supposed to be and yet people still go hungry. People are still desperate people are still trapped in poverty people not on benefits are also becoming even more trapping everywhere the people who live here. Are the country and they are here and the people that really run it not the people in charge necessarily.

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