Fiona T on 08 June 2021

The weather is absolutely beautiful and the sun has been shining all week. It definitely feels as though the end of the pandemic is in sight as people's moods have vastly improved. I feel much better than I have in recent weeks but the worrying Indian variant and possible third wave is making me anxious. It doesn't quite feel that life is normal but things do feel much lighter and brighter than in recent times. My budget for the month is still low, but I am now able to shop again in charity shops as they are open, and I am able to budget one meal out which will be nice. I so desperately want to travel away but the restrictions are making it impossible. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go on a plane again but for now a local day at the beach will at least make me feel better. I look forward to being able to see friends for my birthday soon. I have noticed I have developed some social anxiety about being around people because of being in lockdown so long but I'm hoping this will pass soon.

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