Victoria B on 30 March 2021
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Q. What does Covid Realities mean to you right now?
My motivation for first joining Covid Realities was the vouchers, I was being moved onto Universal Credit and was relying on food banks at the time and would do whatever I got for a little extra money to help feed the kids. But I also really wanted to have my experiences be helpful to someone else, and that's why I continued to work with Covid Realities longer term, because I really want for our sufferings to be the examples used to prevent the sufferings of others. I want to be part if a change in how low income families, especially single parent households, are treated within society and by policy makers. Covid Realities is also living history. I have previously enjoyed watching documentary's about historical events in the past, such as the peasant revolts post black death or the development of the welfare state in the UK post ww1 and Spanish flu. I remember reading diary extracts from people who lived through those times in history class and thinking "wow, life really sucked for them, glad we've a better system now" and I'm really hoping that in the future, children in schools will read about our experiences and say "wow, that sucked for them, glad it's better for us" rather than "wow, that sucked, shame it still does". I hope Covid Realities can be part of that catalyst for change so that my children don't have to face hunger in their futures.
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