Paige E on 19 March 2021
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Q. What would you ask or say to politicians?
Great question this week. Thanks Mel. I work with about her project about UC and have been lucky enough to speak to politicians about benefits. I find some are sympathetic to the plight of people on benefits and low incomes and these are the people that have been in the same predicament. Believe it or not not all politicians have always had money. If I was able to talk to them about my Covid realities I would tell them what a struggle it’s been. Already living below the bread line and having kids at home all the time. The worry of keeping them warm and fed and clothed because they’re not able to wear their uniform any more but also about living being able to be a family together. I would ask them to take a look at the benefits system coming out of this and acknowledge the changes that need to be made.
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