"oh the joys (not) of universal credit my older daughter moved back in end of august she just qualified as a nurse,so they are deducting £75.00 from the rent fine with that i noticed they had given me £864 for the month so deductions are £85.00 for the advance and another £39 for a previous overpayment matter which was been payed to Moorcroft group debt recovery £1 month ,but now they decided to reclaim this way at £39 a month so i sent a message
(is there anyway the reductions can be reduced my energy bills are rising already i cant make it through the month without food bank its causing me to stress please can this be looked at) reply Unfortunately the repayment amount of any advances you have had can't be changed as you agreed you could afford the amount when you took the advance. As you are also having other deductions taken you can call 0800 916 0647 to find out more about your debt repayments and ask if they can be reduced. so i have rang them and there reply was i would have to prove hardship i asked how am i supposed to do that she could not advise on how to do this i said would my bank statement do as it will show i already borrowing by the 14th of every month she could not answer on how to prove hard ship???????"

Ted S
Sep 25, 2020

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