Howie P on 11 November 2020

I am concerned about education inequality growing. We are a low income single parent family and I am being asked to buy more equipment for school than usual, due to loss of work I can't afford for my 17 year old daughter to get to college on the bus and my 20 year old daughter at university is paying so much for teaching that she isn't really getting. The youngest cant access all of her work properly on our ancient device. I have not been able to pay my own tuition fees for university. The change in the way we all have to learn means that there is an increase cost in technology, apps, software and even books where we can't access libraries. Maybe some people can adjust to these changes more smoothly but if you are on a low income then every cost counts and leaves us with something less in other areas like clothing or food shopping. A friend of my daughter at Uni was told by two lecturers that she should stop emailing to ask questions and for help. The lack of face to face experience in education is disadvantaging some students, including me. I am mad about it but I am also aware that lecturers are under more work pressure than ever but then, that's where the understanding ends as I am living in poverty with my family and am getting little support from all of our education centres.

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