Meg T on 20 November 2020

It's all happening today. Another Covid reality for me is that because of [anonymised name] vet bill, I was unable to pay my car insurance and internet payments when they fell due this week. I've had £2.51 in my bank account since Monday. Now the car insurance payment - they always try again in 7 days - by the time that comes round, I will have the money, so I'm not worried about that. As for the internet bill, they don't reapply for the direct debit and start to restrict your service. If you don't pay in the specified timeframe, they restrict service even further and then charge you an extra administration fee on top. Never was the Labour Party pledge of free broadband internet for everyone before the last General Election ever more pertinent. Poverty is relative to the country, culture and time period we live in. Access to the internet is now a necessity, not a luxury. For something that was designed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and designed to be free at that, it's disheartening that companies can control access. Thankfully, I've received my child tax credit today. Anyhow. I'm all up to date with what I owe, so normality is restored - for now. But obviously, I'm still trying to make up the shortfall from the vet bill. It's all consuming and never ending. Ho hum.

PS. [anonymised name] is recovering well, the little rascal - but he needs to go back for a check up in a month

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