"Its beginning to get cold. Even when the sun is shining, the house is cold. I hadn't realised just how cold until one of my daughters was saying how red her nose was. I just put a jumper on or my dressing gown in the morning. Which they could too but I do think I should be letting their noses turn red.

Then my combined gas and electricity bill was emailed to me, as if Google had been listening to our conversation. The bill was for the last month - which I found out was the warmest September for some time. But still the bill was higher than I was expecting, and I think its going to be a cold month October.

I know about the things on offer to help because of my job. But I just hadn't expected I would be able to satisfy my utility suppliers rules for a warm home discount. Reading it online I satisfy two of their conditions - one from list A and one from list B. So I am hopeful. The money would be really useful. When it comes at the end of March.

So I keep an eye on the news and hope I read something in to the government's bland responses to keeping the extra £20 per week I get on UC. I know in October its going to be spent on my utilities. "

Syeda F
Oct 7, 2020

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