Erik J on 04 April 2021
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Q. Are you claiming Universal Credit?
Q. UC is a digital benefit. How do you feel about computers making decisions about benefits?
I have been claiming benefits for a number of years due to ill health, this has never been easy as the forms and medical assessments can cause a great deal of stress. However I do not think that decisions should be made by computer as every claim should be assessed individually buy someone that is fully trained. There are so many different benefits and rates that is is difficult to fully understand what you can claim. I am on legacy benefits that I believe are paid at a higher rate but if I enter my details onto a benefits calculator online, it does not recognise the amount I receive and therefore cannot give me an accurate account of what I can claim. This is very frustrating and has meant in the past I was not claiming the full amount of disability payments I could of claimed. Also as a single parent father I am receiving the same benefit amount that I was receiving when when my ex partner lived here as a family, plus child benefit. When my partner left they ended the tax credits payments and free school meals for my daughter, which has left me unable to provide fresh healthy food and warm clothing for my daughter. Try explaining that to a computer and you get absolutely nowhere.
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