Lois N on 06 December 2021
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
Hi, I know I've already answered the big question of the week, but I felt like I only answered it in part, really. One of the things that Ruth had said was talking about being ill and luckily her partner was able to take over looking after the kids, but it was exhausting. And as a single parent and as someone that really does parent alone. I do have a partner, but my partner suffers depression and needs a lot of support himself. He's at not mobile. He's on benefits, which is just so bad for his mental health and I don't know... He doesn't manage his money very well. So, anyway, we don't live together and it's me who does everything. And when I'm ill I still have to get up. And even if you feeling the worst, you know, it becomes a safeguarding issue if you don't take your child in school because you're ill. It's really hard to pull yourself back up as well when you've been poorly. I know I've been quite poorly over the last 12 months or so, or more. My mental health is really suffering because of covid and pandemic in general. And everything that's orbiting that, from political perspective and other... And I know that my son really is suffering alongside me because there's nobody to take the strain. I don't get any, you know, any respite from from mumming, ever. He doesn't go and stay out. He doesn't, you know, there's lots of issues and as a single parent when you're ill - it's just tough.
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