Victoria B on 27 November 2020

Batteries. Sodding, effing, cuss-worthy beeping batteries. I've been thwarted by sodding batteries. Our themostat isn't working, and our boiler isn't one we can control without the thermostat, so we're freezing. We're hanging out in the kitchen today, where the oven and the dryer give off some heat. We've got hot water and layers of clothes. But still we're cold. All cos the batteries decided to go out and it won't take the kind of batteries I have. Got to wait until Monday, when I get paid, and buy expensive "long lasting" batteries ffs. My kids haven't complained once. They just got wrapped up and carried on playing. But I'm devastated. I spent so many cold nights as a kid, a promised myself I'd never let that happen to my kids, yet here we are. A weekend of cold nights and days. I feel like a failure. All cos this ruddy machine will only accept fancy effing batteries.

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