What would you ask or say to politicians?: "I've been fortunate in that I've had the opportunity to speak to the APPG on poverty twice now firstly back in 2018 and secondly earlier this year in 2021. The one thing I did say this time round is that it was like déjà vu we were still talking about the same issues that we were back in 2018. I also said it was time to stop talking and start doing and start implementing policies that would bring real change to the 14,000,000+ people swept into poverty as a consequence of the austerity measures implemented by the government over the past 10 years. By the time I came to answer this question we had already had the Budget read by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and quite frankly I would like to ask him quite simply how he sleeps at night. Because the temporary £20 per week uplift universal credit has only been extended another six months and not extended to those like me on legacy benefits, ordinary people will still live with the uncertainty of the impact that the Covid pandemic will have on their families financial security. I feel angered an aggrieved that ordinary folk are being swept further into poverty when by supporting them at this crucial unprecedented time will actually help boost the economy as any financial assistance given will be automatically spent, but the Chancellor fails to recognise that."

Meg T
Apr 1, 2021

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