Erik J on 11 April 2021
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Q. What does the weakening of restrictions mean for you and your family?
Personally I am extremely anxious about the easing of lockdown. It is great that the rates are dropping fast and the vaccine is rolling out fast, but with high numbers in other parts of the world and new variants spreading we could end up in another lockdown. My daughter is asking me to take her out for trips and shopping but I still do not feel safe being around too many people. Also money wise things are going to be a bit difficult as we have been receiving help from a food bank during lockdown which is also now coming to an end. My father also sadly passed away a few days ago, so apart from losing the closest family family member that we have left I will now have funeral arrangements to make and other things to sort out that will be difficult even with the relaxing of some restrictions. Stay safe and well all.
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