Victoria B on 24 January 2021

Just read about Sunaks £1000 "offer". It's disgusting. Here take this money and shut up complaining about being hungry and poor. A one off of £1000 won't last long, it certainly won't make as much of a difference as £20 per week which is all that's keeping some families from starving each week. See there's a mentality of "spend what you've got" when on benefits, because it makes us feel better and if we don't spend it then someone will take it from us, some bill or catch or clause or thief. My favourite thing to do before covid and Universal credit was take kiddies to Poundland and just buy what we wanted, knowing I didn't have to worry about the till cos I had the money for that little spree. The idea of going shopping and not calculating assessing and recalculating as one shops is the biggest luxury I can imagine and something I've seen many more well off persons take for granted.

The £1000 isn't to help families, it's to help businesses, it'll be a case of "we gave you money now do your part and spend it, save our economy" and a few months later "not our fault you can't afford food, we gave you £1000 that should've last a year, no one made you spend it so fast" and similar bs. Another example of attempting to placate the masses while prioritising profits over lives.

It makes me so angry cos it's just so damn rude. And if we don't fight against it, fight for the £20 pw, then after they'll be saying "see all they want is handouts, shame on them" and it'll be a continuation of the cycle of punishing the poor. They give with one hand, then slap us down with the other. They need to keep the £20 pw permanently, PLUS in the summer, when the vaccine has had a chance to reach the most vulnerable and going shopping is safer, then give a £500 one off payment to be spent on helping boost the economy without leaving families worst off and children hungry (just think what an extra one off £500 can do for poor families in the summer holidays, the resaraunts and travel and toys etc it could be spent on instead of people having to spend it on bills or food cos they can get though each week). And to pay for it, don't take money from the middle classes (such as through fuel hikes or pension cuts of whatever) who already see us lower classes as a threat to their "hard earned money" bs. Take the money from big businesses, hike taxes for the well off, force big companies like Netflix/Amazon/etc to actually pay their full taxes. They won't like it but they won't leave/withdraw their services cos they want our money too much. Pay for the poor from the rich, they don't need their money. There's a reasons robin hood has always been such a popular idea, take from those that don't need and give to those that do. Or shop wasting tax money on Tory pal business contracts FFS.

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