Gracie H on 31 May 2021
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Q. What haven't you told us yet, which feels important to you?
I think for me it’s been the uncertainty about EVERYTHING, mainly for my daughters GCSEs/college place and unforeseen expenses- PPE, extra petrol as the buses my daughter was allowed to get on were halved (some buses were for school kids, others for everyone else). Opportunities for free meals at family/friends homes when we ran out of money at the end of the month ceased. Random opportunities for baby sitting etc. for my daughter to make some pocket money (and even me!) also ceased. My fridge broke but the charity shops (British Heart Foundation) were shut- so I had to do without- luckily this was through the winter so I kept some stuff outside in a sealed plastic box to keep it cold. It has been intensely stressful. Working in a germ filled school while the rest of the world (it felt like) were locked away from the Covid germs, whilst simultaneously being told we school staff are lazy and selfish, was awful. No one has pounced on other professions calling them names (my dentist only just reopened for emergencies and my doctors is still only operating by their zoom equivalent). My operation has been cancelled 4 times due to Covid overwhelming the hospital- now it’s a bigger operation with a much longer recovery time. It’s really scary. But I have to say, having this forum, the Zooms especially and the zine making, where is mismatching strangers got to moan and listen and express and understand what each other were going through, has been a god send. For single parents especially. It has been the highlight of my fortnight. I’m really grateful to all of the researchers for their hard work. I really feel like we can be heard by those who need to hear us, thanks to your efforts. Thank you.
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