Q12. How have the new rules and restrictions affected you?: "Hello, I'm quite happy with the rules and restrictions my children School. I've done really well the communications been really good. The kids seem really happy. They before the summer holidays. They were coming home with saw hands. They're not anymore their hands are fine. So they've cracked the hand washing and went to wash them and when to use hand sanitizer and they're getting to see all their friends and they're in school learning. They had had enough of Home Learning and I I've been able to go back to work. I'm going to continue going to work because I'm covering maternity leave and I'm the only one in the office, but I have been wearing a face mask before she went on maternity leave. But yeah, I'm pretty happy with it and just looking forward to life post covid and kind of see in hindsight what they say then."

Gracie L
Sep 30, 2020

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